Heat pumps are commonly used in everything from air conditioners to ventilation systems. They work by absorbing the heat from the air in a cool space and releasing it in a warmer one. This versatile piece of equipment can thus be used to in both active heating and cooling. In an air conditioner, it collects heat from the indoor environment and releases it outside. In a heater, this process is reversed, and hot air is brought instead into the conditioned area. It is a very high-efficiency means of providing heat transfer.

When HVAC systems fail, the heat pump can sometimes be at fault. A repair technician can diagnose the problem and determine what Heat Pump Services in Anacortes WA are necessary to remedy it. The most common problem homeowners experience with heat pumps is thermostat malfunction. Typically these can be fixed easily and without incurring great expense.

If the thermostat is not at fault, it can be a little bit more of a challenge determining why a heat pump isn’t functioning correctly. When the thermostat is set properly, and problems are still occurring the next most common issue is a lack of power. This is often caused by blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Check the power source before calling a repair contractor.

Should the filters be dirty it can prevent efficient operation? In these circumstances it is unlikely that the unit will have completely ceased to function, instead of providing inadequate heat or cooling. These filters can be replaced by the industrious do it yourself homeowner, but most people opt to call in a professional as an experienced contractor can also evaluate whether or not other maintenance will be necessary. Additional maintenance often includes cleaning outdoor unit coils and adjusting belts.

Identifying whether or not these common problems are occurring can be helpful, but won’t necessarily remove the need for professional maintenance or repairs. If it’s not possible to narrow down the source of the heat pump’s functionality problems or a homeowner simply doesn’t have the time or the know-how to figure it out themselves, there’s no shame in calling a contractor. Need professional Heat Pump Services in Anacortes WA? Visit Lavergneplumbing.com for more information about local service providers or to schedule an appointment for a system evaluation.

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