The best source of advice about oil and oil filters for your car is the owner’s manual, but those instructions are only as correct as generalized information can be. The truth is that the correct oil and filter depends on your driving habits and conditions.

Contaminants in the Engine

Solid contaminants that make their way into the crankcase can decrease engine reliability and fuel efficiency. When particles contaminate your fuel, they can also lead to reduced lubricant life and negative environmental effects. On the other hand, car owners who regularly replace their oil and car oil filters report reduced maintenance costs and increased car life expectancy.

Factors Affecting Oil Filter Quality

There are four crucial factors to consider when choosing your oil filter: efficiency, holding capacity, pressure flow, and design integrity. If you buy the wrong car oil filter, it won’t work as efficiently with your system as the appropriate filter will. You don’t necessarily need to know the difference between pressure flow and holding capacity, or even a gasket and the center tube; instead, ask your mechanic about the most appropriate construction to guarantee the right choice of filter. Your mechanic may ask several questions to determine your driving habits and road conditions.

A Basic Preview

The capture efficiency of the filter refers to its ability to trap large amounts of contaminates. The finer the particles the filter traps, the better the engine life expectancy. Removing particles is the first step of the process and holding dirt is the second. The holding capacity of the filter warns you that oil is bypassing the system and particles are not being trapped. A weak pressure flow profile can leave you at risk of cracks, explosions, or a stalled engine. Design integrity naturally affects the first three factors.

Protect Your Car

One common mistake car owners make is to buy low-quality filters. Don’t expose your vehicle to damage and decreased efficiency; regularly change the oil and car oil filter. For more information, visit