Your families comfort through every season of the year can depend on how effectively the HVAC system in your home functions on a consistent basis. This system carries out various operations to ensure you experience comfort in your living spaces, including air conditioning, heating, and ventilating. These systems consist of components that are categorized under wholesale HVAC. Columbus, OH homeowners may want to understand some of the inner workings of HVAC systems. In particular, here we cover the components to contribute toward the cooling aspect of these systems.

Evaporator Coil
Functioning in the opposite manner of the heat exchanger, the evaporator coil cools the air when you set your thermostat to a lower temperature. It is positioned within a metal enclosure on the exterior of the furnace on the side or at the top. View the operator coil functions in a similar manner as car radiator to produce cool air which is then distributed via the HVAC system ductwork.

Condensing Unit
Connected to the evaporator coil, the condensing unit which is filled with refrigerant gas is installed outside of your home. Through the process of heat exchange with the exterior air, the refrigerant is cooled to a liquid. The condensing unit, which you can obtain from a wholesale HVAC provider, then pumps the liquid to the evaporator coil which evaporates it to a gas form.

Refrigerant Lines
A refrigerant substance is transported via the refrigerant lines to the condensing unit in a vaporized gas form, and then returned in liquid form to the evaporator coil. These are narrow tubes, such as aluminum or copper – durable cold and heat resistant metals.

This system of ducts that conveys cooled or warmed their various rooms of your home is referred to as ductwork. These ducts are commonly manufactured from lightweight aluminum, but also can be made from other materials such as fiberglass, flexible plastic, fabric, polyurethane, or steel.

Vents are the gateways into the rooms of your home from the duct system conveying the cooled or heated air. They are generally rectangular outlets manufactured from low or high temperature metal, sometimes located near the floor or on or near the ceiling, and often consisting of angled slats.

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