A source of clean and fresh water is crucial to all living things on the planet. As humans, it is up to us to secure fresh water sources sustainably so that we can live a healthy life. Unfortunately, we often take the water that pours from our faucets for granted. Indeed, many communities and individuals do not have easy access to a source of clean water.

Knowing When Water Is Unsafe

As crucial as water is to our health and well-being, it is not always safe to drink or use. Here are some indicators that could mean you need an expert in water analysis and purification to come out and assess the situation:

  • Minerals: So-called “hard water” is actually water that contains many naturally occurring minerals, such as manganese, calcium, and iron. Unless the water also contains harmful rare earth minerals such as cadmium, it is safe to imbibe. The biggest problem with this over-mineralized water is that it can stain glassware, corrode plumbing, and dry out skin.

  • Pathogens: While minerals in the water may not be immediately harmful to human and animal health, there are many water borne pathogens that certainly can be. Professional water analysis in Cape May County, NJ is required to test for pathogens that could cause a range of potentially dangerous gastrointestinal conditions. It is crucial that these pathogens are filtered out of any water supply.

  • Chlorine: While it may seems counterintuitive to some, considering that chlorine gas is toxic, the tiny doses of chlorine that are routinely added to many urban and rural water supplies serves to kill off pathogens and disinfect the water so that it is safe for human and animal consumption. The problem is that too much of it can make it smell and taste bad and can even cause damage to clothing and other areas of the home.

Analyzing the Water

If any of the above problems persist, it is important to call out a professional to perform a water analysis. From this point, they can determine how to proceed in terms of water filtration and purification systems. Click here for more information.