What is it?

It’s a treatment that rejuvenates the skin and is typically used to treat signs of premature aging as well as sun damage, the Consumer Health Digest says. That makes it laser genesis treatments in Carlsbad popular for those who want to get supple, younger-looking skin.

What does it do?

The treatment basically produces new collagen. Old and cracked skin is easily replaced so your skin glows with health. It can be used on your neck, chest area and face. It’s also not invasive so that means no long-term recovery times. No anesthetics are used as well.

What happens during the treatment?

You will undergo a warming sensation during the session. Some find it enjoyable. This will continue for 30 minutes once the procedure is done so keep that in mind. The sensation can also come with a bit of tingling in your skin. You’ll feel your skin tighten almost right away.

Are you a candidate for it?

If you suffer from enlarged pores or your skin has uneven textures, then you might want to give this treatment a try. Love to spend time under the sun but keep forgetting putting on sunscreen? It’s also a good option to consider if you want to get rid of all those fine lines that are characteristic of sun damage.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

This laser treatment is much more affordable and safer than plastic surgery. It doesn’t require patients to undergo long recovery times but is quick, painless and effective. Effects often last for 3 to 6 months after the last treatment. If you’re looking for a way to give your skin a boost, these laser genesis treatments in Carlsbad are a good option to explore. Just make sure you pick a good facility, with trained personnel, before you put in a call for an appointment.