Why Living Wills Should be Included When Planning Your Estate

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firm

When people think about preparing for their future and what should happen after they pass away, they will turn to a lawyer to help them plan their estate. From determining beneficiary to establishing trust funds that will pay out the inheritance taxes, these are vital decisions to make to ensure the individual’s final wishes are respected. Another important decision that should be made and legally documented is the type of medical care the person want if they should become incapacitated and unable to express their wishes. When planning your estate, it is important to consult with a living wills attorney in Moline IL on how to prepare if you should become incapacitated.

Reasons to Establish Your Medical Decisions

Strokes, head injuries or illnesses are just a few reasons why a person may no longer be able to make their own medical treatment decisions. When this occurs, medical professionals turn to their family to make those choices for them. This can be extremely difficult, especially if their loved ones do not know what the person would want. By establishing living wills with an attorney in Moline IL while planning your estate, you are relieving family members of having to make these difficult choices. You can establish in the documents what type of medical treatment you want to receive and when life’s natural order should occur instead of trying to prolong your life with life-support. In addition to naming the family member to make the right decisions if you should be unable to make them yourself.

Give Your Family Peace of Mind

When having to make important medical decisions, it can be extremely difficult on the family. Especially, if the family does not agree on what type of medical treatment should be given. David J. Franks Attorney at Law can help make this process easier by providing the legal expertise and advice required to help establish your final wishes.

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