If you are looking for a great deal on a car, you’ll save a lot of money and hassles when you check out South Carolina car dealers offering late-model pre-owned vehicles for sale. However, not all dealers are the same, and you’ll get better deals when you choose the right one. Here are some important things to look for when you shop for cars.

Certified Used Cars

If you shop for late-model cars, certified vehicles from South Carolina car dealers give you some of the best deals. These cars undergo an extensive inspection and must be in top condition, or they cannot sell them. You’ll also get a special certified used car warranty.

No Haggle Prices

Some dealerships raise their prices to sky high and hope their customers will pay them or try to bargain for a lower price. This can create hassles that most people would rather not have to deal with. For example, suppose a salesman quotes you a price of $18,000, but you feel the car is only worth $16,000. You make an offer, and he counters, and this can go on for some time. You can avoid this problem when you do business with South Carolina car dealers that advertise “no haggle” prices. They price their cars fairly so you don’t have to argue back and forth over the price.

How can you tell you’re getting a “no haggle” deal? Your dealer lists the Black Book value of their cars, and their prices are thousands of dollars less than Black Book value. The Black Book is becoming one of the most trusted sources for car dealers.

Online Specials

Some dealers offer special sales. All you have to do is visit the website and click on the “Vehicle Specials” section. You’ll get some of the best deals available on certified used cars in South Carolina.