Why People Consider Social Security Disability, Find a Lawyer in Missouri

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Law Services

The SSA helps disabled people by offering disability benefits to those who meet all the requirements. If you’ve considered applying for social security disability, you may be wondering what those requirements are or what disabilities are covered. It can also be helpful to hire a lawyer in Missouri, as they can help you go through the initial claims process and help with any appeals that are necessary.


When people have statutory blindness, it means that their vision is 20/200 or even worse. They cannot see to perform their work duties and may also be unable to drive. You must prove your condition, usually through medical documentation and eye doctor support.

Long-term Illnesses

Most people are unaware that the SSA offers disability benefits to those who are expected to have an illness for over a year. However, just because you are expected to suffer that long, it doesn’t guarantee that you are entitled to disability benefits. It must fall under one of the qualifying conditions listed by the SSA. If you’re unsure, your lawyer can help you determine if you’re eligible and help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

Terminal Illness

If you are not expected to recover from your illness, and it results in death, you are eligible for disability benefits. However, you must still provide adequate documentation from your medical professional. In some cases, the SSA may try to take longer so that they don’t have to pay as much. A lawyer can be beneficial in this case because they ensure that everything is done correctly and that you get a hearing date as soon as possible.

Social security disability benefits help millions of Americans each year. If you have a qualifying condition, it’s best to hire a lawyer from Grundy Disability Group in Missouri. You can visit them at http://www.grundydisabilitygroup.com to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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