If you have a Chicago-based business and want to open a new location or if you are facing litigation, you may need a commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago. It isn’t enough to find a good attorney, but it is best to research options to find someone who is adept and well-versed in laws pertaining to commercial property.

Real Estate Transactions

Buying and selling property as well as mortgages are areas that every commercial real estate lawyer deals with on a regular basis. If you want to sell office space or purchase a new shop, you will need a lawyer to handle many phases of this complex process. He or she will examine financial documents to ensure that everything is clear and in order. In addition, the lawyer can facilitate communication between buyers and sellers and confirm that the transaction confirms with local and state laws. Tax issues regarding properties can be complex, and a lawyer will also provide information and simplify the tax aspect of buying or selling commercial property.


A commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago will facilitate the process between borrowers and lenders when there is a mortgage. If there are problems repaying the mortgage, the real estate lawyer plays a vital role in discussing the issue with the creditors and prevent the situation from becoming unnecessarily complex. Creditors may also hire the lawyer if there is a problem collecting on the mortgage and delays in repayment. If there is a need for clarification of the terms in a commercial mortgage, a lawyer can smooth out problems and prevent problems and misunderstandings from arising.


Most business owners dread the prospect of litigation if there is an accident or problem connected with commercial property. Finding the right commercial real estate lawyer is essential in such situations and can save the company a large sum of money. The lawyer can find ways to negotiate and avoid a long, drawn-out lawsuit that may cost both sides money and time. In a partnership, a strong contract can prevent future litigation and disagreements arising over commercial property. A lawyer isn’t needed just when there is the threat of litigation, but to draw up solid agreements that will prevent the issue of litigation from arising in the first place. It is an excellent idea to have the contact number of an astute commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago before his or her services become necessary.

A commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago is necessary to help business owners in a number of ways. Look for a commercial real estate lawyer in Chicago if you are buying or selling property, drawing up contracts or face litigation. Visit the website at Sbzrlaw.com

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