It can be challenging to know when the right time is to speak with an Alabama Social Security disability lawyer. Something that will be useful when making this decision is knowing the benefits and costs of having a legal professional on your side.

The first thing you should know about working with an Alabama Social Security disability lawyer is that they charge a fee that is regulated by federal law. You typically will not pay the lawyer more than 25 percent of backpay for your disability. Of course, if your case goes to federal court or the Appeals Council, the cost can go up. Most attorneys do not charge an upfront fee. They only get paid if they win your case.

There are numerous benefits associated with having an attorney on your side when dealing with a Social Security disability situation. Your chances of being approved are much higher when working with a legal professional. It is true that you may be able to be approved for benefits by applying on your own. However, there are so many things that could happen that could lead to your being disapproved. Having a professional by your side is key to reducing errors and knowing your rights.

If your case goes to federal court or the Appeals Council, you will have a lawyer on your side. They will craft legal arguments that prove why your case was wrongly denied. Find out howwebsite has won appeals and claims for many individuals in Alabama and other states and how he can go to work for you today by visiting Lemoine Law Firm website today.