Why You Should Hire a Parenting Time Attorney in Chicago

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Law

Though the legal terms and language associated with the family law seem fairly fixed and unchanging, newer concepts emerge often. One of them is the term “parenting time attorney”, and many legal experts agree that this is the ideal professional for those struggling with custody matters.

What Is Parenting Time?

Essentially, your parenting time is what has been agreed upon in a parenting plan. This plan is one of the most crucial documents in any divorce in which child custody is involved. As one expert explained, it “outlines every specific requirement and rule that you and your child’s other parent must follow.” As an example of its significance, let’s say that you are granted a specific evening each week and specific weekends and holidays. Your “ex” consistently cancels or somehow interferes with this agreed upon visitation. Without the plan, you cannot get help from law enforcement or enforce your agreed upon parenting time.

Making the Plan for Parenting Time

Though you may feel your divorce is amenable and that the two of you can sit down and work out a plan, it is best to hire a legal expert to do the work. You may see that it is possible to use free forms and do it “DIY,” but this is not advisable. Firstly, there can be many important details overlooked. Secondly, why risk any turmoil or arguments between yourself and the other parent in formulating the plans? Again, as the experts state, knowledgeable attorneys “know what types of details should be included to ensure that your parenting plan runs smoothly…You do not want to end up in court every year trying to adjust and modify your plan because it was drafted improperly…”

All of the Details

Because life brings many changes, a highly detailed and written parenting time plan is crucial. An attorney knows all of the matters that can trip up even the most agreeable parents. They will include issues like “the child’s discretion” matters, specific dates and times, holidays, transportation, and much more.

Do you think you might benefit from working with a parenting time attorney in Chicago? Michael C. Craven has a long history in divorce and family law and can think about the many “what if” scenarios that so often derail even a well-written plan. Protect your rights as a parent and keep things as calm as possible by turning to such expert support.

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