Moving to a new area or building a new business can be a fun and thrilling time. Whether you are relocating for a job, moving closer to family or simply expanding a business; all these types of examples have one thing in common, zoning. Zoning ordinances and regulations are a way of dividing large spaces into areas and how property can be used. City workers, Townships and even State Governments, all use zoning guidelines and laws to help develop and shape the community. When buying a piece of property, whether that is land, or a home, it is important to know the zoning laws.

If the laws are not followed, it can lead to a very expensive fine and could potentially prevent the property from further development. Any type of improvement made to the property will also need to be taken down. In many smaller town areas, zoning prevents heavy machinery and industrial use from entering into the area.

Farming communities also use zoning to help guide the dust and noise from the farm equipment being used, away from neighborhoods and schools. Should a problem arise with zoning regulations; having a professional law firm such as, Estate Planning Lawyer in Nassau County NY will benefit both the party seeking help as well as the area in question. Many often specialize in services in conjunction with zoning. These specialties include:

  • Variance Applications

This is comes into play when the prospect is looking to develop. A variance is a deviation to the rules that the town or city has applied to the land in question.

  • Land Use Challenge

Whether looking to develop for a single home, subdivision or business, having an attorney present can help to fight for the land in question. They can help with the determination of how the land is going to be used and fight for more leniency of the rules.

  • Developmental Projects

A lawyer is helpful to have when it comes to larger developmental projects. They will be able to know how to work their way around each stage of the process; such as planning, permits, financing and documentation should an issue arise with the city or town.

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