4 Factors To Consider Before Contracting With Power Cable Manufacturers

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Contract Manufacturing

While the choice of power cable may not be the biggest decision with regards to OEM, prototype or design decisions, it has a big impact on the final product as a whole. An inferior cable or wire can create early failure for an electric or electronic device or even pose a risk for liability if there is a risk of shorts or fires.

These types of issues can also have an impact on the reputation of your product and your company. Taking the time to consider different power cable manufacturers to find the right provider will always be time well spent.

Regardless of the type of project or the volume of power cables required, consider at least these four basic issues when comparing and contrasting the different power cable manufacturers that have made it to the top of your list.

Manufacturer Reputation

The internet makes it easy to find reviews, references, testimonials or complaints against any type of company. When you are looking at the best power cable manufacturers, it will be obvious by the quality of production and the manufacturer’s commitment to quality control and customer service in these types of reviews.

Production Capabilities

Not all power cable providers are geared to provide high volume production, while some will not take on low volume contracts. Verify that the company or companies under consideration have the scope and the range of production capabilities for your job.

In-house or Outsourced

To maintain quality control and control of the manufacturing process, look for manufacturers completing everything in-house. This is a superior option to a manufacturer who may be outsourcing different aspects of the job to other subcontracted providers.

Cost (Short and Long Term)

It will also be important to consider the costs both in the short and long term. Look for companies that have a strong repeat base of OEMs and contractors. This will be a good testimonial to the level of satisfaction with both products and costs from other businesses using their services.

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