Most individuals understand that cosmetic dentistry covers dental treatments commonly chosen by celebrities and other well-to-do folks. Many are unaware of the evolution in cosmetic dentistry procedures, treatments and services. The price of these once-only-affordable-for-wealthy-individuals cosmetic dental services has come down markedly in just the past several years. Additionally, there are often finance plans available for dental services that can pay for the treatment in advance and be paid off in manageable payments over time for qualifying individuals. There are a number of other relatively unknown advantages of many of the transforming cosmetic dental services offered by nearby Gold Coast Chicago cosmetic dentists.

When one or more teeth are lost due to facial trauma or other event, the previous methods of treatment involved often uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures or dental bridges. Today, dental implants are now an option, and unlike traditional dentures, dental implants actually are placed below the gum-line to mimic a natural tooth root. Over several months, the bone tissue actually grafts over the implant ensuring greater stability and strength. Those that have worn dentures or simply have missing teeth might begin to notice a hollowed out or sunken in look as their jaw-bone’s density mass decreases over time. Experienced Gold Coast Chicago cosmetic dentists are able to perform dental implants and many other beneficial cosmetic dental procedures.

Another often overlooked advantage of the newer cosmetic dentistry procedures is that newer composite materials used in dental fillings, bridges, caps and crowns are easier to mold and quick setting to enable quicker dental procedures. These resins and other dental materials can be shaded to match the existing natural teeth even when used on back teeth as these material compounds are much stronger and more durable. Phone Chicago Smile Design for an appointment time, or access for details.