Today’s roads are packed with a wide variety of different kinds of vehicles, and unfortunately, not all of them are perfectly maintained. When inadequate maintenance or an unexpected accident leaves a four-door sedan stuck on the side of the road, just about any tow company can be counted on to help. There are, however, some types of vehicles that can only be towed by Heavy Duty Towing Services in San Diego.

Not sure if a vehicle could be damaged by regular towing? Read on to find out what kinds of vehicles really need heavy duty towing.

Semis and Trailers

Semi-trucks, also known as semis or trailers, are an extremely common sight on California’s highways. Most companies and independent operators maintain their semis very carefully, but sometimes there’s just no avoiding a breakdown. When semi-trucks break down, they absolutely need to be towed by a heavy duty truck and that truck needs to be driven by someone who has a lot of experience with safely towing large vehicles.

Full-Size Buses

Buses are often just as heavy as semi-trucks and just as long. Passengers don’t generally have to worry about what happens when a bus breaks down since the transit company will simply send another one to pick them up. Once the passengers are gone, though, their size and low clearance means that buses can only be safely towed by Heavy Duty Towing Services in San Diego.

Large RVs

Most RVs must be towed using specialty heavy duty trucks, as well. Some smaller Class C or Class B motorhomes may be towable using a flatbed truck depending on their weight and height, but just about all Class A RVs require specialized services. Failure to adequately secure this kind of vehicle can be just as bad as attempting to tow it with a truck that is too small, so RV owners should always find a reliable, well-respected towing company like USA Towing & Recovery that can help.

Severely Misshapen Vehicles

Sometimes heavy duty tow trucks are required to transport normally-sized cars, trucks, and vans. This is really only the case if they have been severely deformed during an accident. Those who intend on having their cars repaired after a serious wreck should always insist on having a heavy duty truck tow them to their body shops in order to avoid incurring even more damage. You can also connect them on Facebook.