Successful Home Renovations in Orland Park IL depend on several factors. The homeowner who wants a successful renovation must have a good plan, sufficient money, and the right contractor to do the work. At the time a home is being renovated all the systems such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and the roof must be updated or replaced to meet modern codes and standards. It is no use to spend a lot of money renovating the interior of a home if a leaky roof is not also updated.

Renovating One room or the Whole House

The homeowner may want to renovate the whole interior and exterior of the home or only renovate one or two rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms. With an older home, there may be a list of defects to replace or repair. Single pane damaged windows are a major renovation project that will pay for itself in comfort and energy savings. An old, leaking roof should be a top priority to have replaced. Old heating and cooling systems might be another project. Substandard electrical wiring and plumbing will need to be updated to meet code.

Once the home’s roof, windows, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are up to date, the fun renovation projects can happen. Will the homeowner update all the rooms or just a few? Some homes will be fine with a new coat of paint in the bedrooms, halls, and living room. Renovating the bathrooms and the kitchen will be the big focus. Some homeowners will choose to renovate or remodel only one room such as an outdated kitchen.

The Process

Any renovation should start with choosing a good contractor such as R. Brouwer Construction for a consultation. This meeting will help the homeowner determine how much renovation they can afford. The contractor can also help the homeowner inspect the home and its systems and prioritize the needed renovations. The homeowner can then seek financing for the renovation. Once the money is available, the contractor can draw up renovation plans and present them for the homeowner’s approval.

Now, work can start. The contractor will pull all the necessary permits, bring in his crew for any required demolition, and then begin the renovation construction. Large renovations may require the family to leave the home for a few days. When the construction is completed, the finishing work will be done. Contact R. Brouwer Construction for more information.