Florida homeowners who still have a house without central air conditioning are likely to be thinking about getting this feature installed sometime soon. They might consider Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL. The brand may not be immediately familiar to most homeowners, but they’ve likely heard of Lennox, the owner of this particular manufacturer. Aire-Flo has been in business for more than 60 years.


The popularity of central air conditioning for residences really started to take off in the 1970s. Before then, only about 10 percent of U.S. homes had this type of climate control. Now, it’s in the majority of homes and is standard with new construction. In fact, about 85 percent of all U.S. homes have some form of air conditioning, and most of the systems are centralized rather than window or portable units.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Improvements in energy efficiency for these appliances has made a significant positive difference in how much electricity people use when running Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL. These improvements also have led to a substantial reduction in the number of greenhouse gases emitted due to the use of central air conditioners.

Population Shifts

The prevalence of this technology has been a major factor in population shifts in the United States, accounting for much of the migration to Florida. Northern U.S. residents spending winters in Florida was relatively common a long time ago, central air in residential settings has encouraged many more people to live there year-round. They enjoy the moderate climate most of the year and appreciate the climate control on hot summer days.

Quality of Life

In Florida, air conditioning as installed by a contractor such as AA Temperature Services is generally considered a necessity instead of a luxury. It greatly enhances quality of life, allowing people to feel comfortable in their homes on the hottest days. They’re more productive at home and they sleep better, too. They don’t have to venture out to movie theaters and shopping malls in the attempt to get some relief on a July afternoon. More information on this particular contractor is available at You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.