Even the most experienced user might think that a gate valve is a gate valve. But when you put words such as “knife” in the description and in the design, you have a component that is different in significant ways. Both the gate valve and the wafer knife gate valve are used in an “on” position and in an “off” position. They’re generally not the best choice for regulating flow (partial). They’re better for open or closed use.

Common Applications

These valves are found in slurry systems, for controlling heavy oils or non-flammable fluids, or in a wastewater or clean water system. The wafer knife gate valve generally uses a sharpened disk to deal with solids that might keep the valve from closing as it should, which might result in leaks. There are detailed technical differences and different standards that also separate some gate valves from the knife valve.

If you’re looking for a wafer knife gate valve in Florida, it’s also important to understand that this design has a thinner profile, which means that it is usually lighter in weight and often less expensive than some other gate valves. When you contact Reliant Engineered Products by visiting , you can learn a lot from browsing the extensive list of valves, actuators, and other control components. You might also want to call to talk to a representative at (904) 374-1768.

Range of Industries

You’ll always be best served by working with a company bringing plenty of experience to this special field whether you work in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); in the energy industry; or have responsibilities in the food and beverage world. Products from a leading provider can be the solution in mining, marine applications, or aeronautics as well.

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