Location has become a defining sentiment whenever it comes to choosing a fashion show venue.  Making the right choice in choosing your fashion show venue can heighten your events creative impact. It is important that you are aware of what you and your visitors need from the location. In addition to room for attendees, you will also need room for your fashion runways and other equipment that is needed. The following are factors to consider when renting a runway and having a fashion event.

1. Event flow
Event flow is one of the most important factors you need to consider whenever you are choosing a fashion show venue. Your PR and special events team will be dealing with a lot of talent, press and VIP guests, so you need an ample amount of space to ensure everyone has plenty of room to move around freely once the fashion runway, trusses, and other equipment is placed.

2. Special Effects and Theatrics
Most of the brands which are popularly known for their eccentricity usually take to the fashion runways to push creative boundaries, providing the attendants an unparalleled experience.  Today, designers are becoming more experimental, with most of them incorporating live design demos, special effects and dance choreography. The runaway needs to look great to complement the schedule of events.

3. Going on With the Narrative
All fashion collections have a narrative! The inspiration developed during the creative process usually creates a unique perspective on the design and determines the type of narrative behind the wearer. Clothes are the starting point and runways give the expression of the full story. The stage will play an important role in tying the narrative together. That is why it is important to rental your runway from a professional company such as Gallagher Staging, to ensure the runaway is perfect for the event that takes place.

At Gallagher Staging, we have an experienced crew with over 40 years of experience and can easily create perfect staging solutions for all of your events.