When an owner has to spend the day at work and is unable to watch over his or her pet, doggie daycare is a useful and convenient option. At Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa, we provide dogs with the attention and treatment that they need to thrive. Sending dogs to daycare ensures that they are being treated with maximum care, and it can even benefit their everyday lives in a number of ways. Below are some of the biggest perks of introducing dogs to the daycare experience.

Provides a Safe Environment

When a pet can’t stay at home during the day due to its owner having other obligations, it needs a place to go where it can be just as safe as it would at home. Doggy daycare ensures that all pets are in a clean and nurturing environment where skilled caretakers can look after them. We always require proof of vaccinations and keep all aspects of our daycare protected from any kind of harm.

Promotes Socialization

Doggie daycare is also a great opportunity for dogs to interact with their canine peers. At daycare, dogs have the chance to spend time in group settings during playtime. This can allow them to thrive in a healthy social atmosphere instead of staying at home by themselves for too long. However, not all dogs are social creatures. Pets that prefer to play in smaller crowds are also encouraged to attend daycare.

Encourages Exercise

Dogs are meant to be active, and keeping them indoors all day long doesn’t do a lot of good for their health. Daycare centers typically designate activities that keep dogs moving and ensure that they’re getting the right amount of exercise. When pets are busy playing and staying active throughout the day, they’ll be having too much fun to think about when they can go back home.

Choosing dog daycare keeps pets happy and owners stress-free. Call (608) 846-4115 for more information on services at Aunt B’s Pet Resort & Spa.

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