Homeowners don’t realize the amount of work their furnace does on a daily basis. They probably also don’t know much about the type of heating oil that goes into their furnaces and heats their homes. The most common options are oil and gas. Fuel oil is very common and is usually stored in a tank adjacent to their homes or buildings, and people have to monitor the amount of oil in the tank to be sure they don’t run out. Natural gas is also a very common type of fuel that is almost always available through a gas utility’s supply line.

When a homeowner has a furnace in Madison, and they opt for oil, they want to find a company that will never let their tank run dry, for that will cause severe damage to their furnace. Visit the website to learn more about a company offering just that type of customer service. They may also want to find a company that offers several different options with which to buy their heating oil. They can opt for current day prices (which fluctuate) as well as a budget cap program, which allows customers to plan out their anticipated expenses but never exceed a certain price point. There is also a prepaid option that lets them lock in a price for the entire heating season.

If their furnace in Madison is going to use propane, then homeowners can rest assured whether or not they already use propane. Switching suppliers is smooth and easy these days, and there is no disruption at all to their service. If they need a new tank, there can also be a cost-free conversion that is simple and easy to take advantage of. Even if they don’t own their tank, they can find companies that can easily service their needs.

As far as commercial buildings, those who own or manage them can find companies that offer different grades of petroleum products depending on their needs. These can run the gamut from bio-fuels to propane to kerosene. It also includes common heating oils, such as #2, and also #4 oil and #6 oil.