It’s true that the world has come a long way when it comes to the inclusion of women as influencers. Yet, in many of society’s industries, there is still undeniably a habit of adhering to specific gender norms. The music industry is certainly no exception to this tendency. Nonetheless, roles are being challenged and women are continuously becoming more present. Female pop singers are an integral part in the development of not only the music industry, but also society in general.

The Diversification of the Industry

While many female musicians have made significant contributions in the music business, their achievements have been less recognized. For example, the 1920s and 1930s brought the world many of the most influential female jazz musicians. However, some did not receive any recognition for their works until two decades later. The rise of the female pop singer has shown women that they can be visible. This has resulted in a continuing influx of talented female musicians and composers that are working to balance the makeup of a historically male-dominated industry.

Female Pop Singers and the Challenging of Roles

The visibility of the female pop singer’s talent and strength has provided an avenue through which women can put themselves out there and express ideas and feelings that were previously taboo. The idea that a woman should be quiet and delicate is constantly being challenged in the world of music. As more female artists fight to make a name in the industry, the more examples there are of empowerment for other women and girls. The reluctance to take a risk and start a new endeavor or business is replaced with a confidence that success is certainly possible. Abiding by gender roles at the expense of professional growth is no longer an option.

Female pop singers have benefited our society in a major way. They have shown women all over the world that talents should never be underestimated.