A rheumatologist is a medical professional who treats autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal diseases. Rheumatologists can prescribe medications to help people keep their condition under control and they may also recommend lifestyle changes. There are several reasons that people decide to see a rheumatologist in Schaumburg, IL.

They Have a Rheumatic Disease or Arthritis

There are over 100 conditions that can affect the immune system or joints. A rheumatologist in Schaumburg, IL, can treat lupus, arthritis, bursitis and numerous other conditions. Early diagnosis and treatment often help to prevent these conditions from getting worse.

They Have Had a Change in Sleeping or Eating Habits

Rheumatic diseases can affect the way that you eat or sleep. Medications can also cause changes in your eating and sleeping habits. It is a good idea to see a rheumatologist if your eating or sleeping habits have changed for unknown reasons.

Their Blood Tests Have Been Abnormal

There are blood tests that can be used to diagnose rheumatic diseases. If one of your blood tests comes back abnormal, then you will likely need to see a rheumatologist. Your rheumatologist can determine whether a rheumatic disease has caused your blood tests to be abnormal.

They’re Having Side Effects

Most of the medications that are used to treat rheumatic diseases are effective. However, some people do have side effects. It is a good idea for you to see a rheumatologist if you think that you are having side effects from your medication. You may need to be switched to another medication.

Experiencing New Symptoms

Rheumatic diseases can cause you to develop new symptoms. If you have a new symptom that you think is related to your condition, then you will need to see a rheumatologist. You may need to get a new treatment plan, or, you may have another underlying disease that needs to be treated.