There is no doubt that diving into the nice, cool and clean waters of a swimming pool can be quite refreshing on a hot day. However, any pool owners know that pools don’t stay clean and sparkling on their own. They likely have a number of cleaning activities that have to be done on a frequent basis, such as skimming, vacuuming, changing the filters, checking the pH levels and maintaining the water levels. This can take some of the joy away from owning a pool. However, with the tips for pool cleaning in League City found here, anyone will be able to get the hard work done quickly and get back to enjoying the cool, clean water.

Supercharge the Skimmer

The role of the skimmer basket is to filter out leaves and other debris that fall into the pool; however, they can also leave quite a bit behind. To make the skimmer work harder, wrap a pair of old pantyhose around the baskets. Fine dirt, sand, and hair are no match for the small holes in the fabric. Remember, they still have to be cleaned weekly, but will be able to catch much smaller items floating around in the pool.

Get Rid of Bugs Naturally

Not only are bugs a nuisance to swimmers and sunbathers, but when they die, they are just something else that has to be cleaned out of the pool water. Regardless of where they typically end up, a pool owner can keep them away by planting lemongrass close by. The skin of the plant contains citronella, which helps to get rid of mosquitoes. If hornets or wasps are an issue, then a pool owner can create decoy nests by filling up a brown paper bag with plastic bags. In most cases, stinging bugs won’t build another nest within 200 feet of a current one.

When it comes to Pool Cleaning in League City, there are a number of tips that can be used to make the process easier. Additional help and information can be found by visiting the website. Being informed and knowing a few of the hacks mentioned here can allow a pool owner to enjoy the pool more, rather than having to constantly clean it.