Glaziers Provide a Variety of Options for Residential and Commercial Glass Replacement in Naperville

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Glass

The term “glazier” may sound like a very old-fashioned name for a person who works with glass, but that is still the technical name used for this occupation today. When a homeowner or commercial building manager calls a company for glass replacement in Naperville, they are seeking the services of a glazier. That’s true whether they need a window replaced because of storm damage, a tabletop replaced because it cracked, or some other glass-related service. These workers address skylights, shower doors, French doors and other features. Sometimes they are called to do repair work, such as replacing the seals around windows for energy efficiency and eliminating drafts. That allows homeowners to keep windows that are many decades old without dealing with higher heating and cooling bills. It also increases the level of comfort in the room.

Glass Replacement in Naperville may involve providing new doors for a china cabinet, hutch or display case. A built-in china cabinet might not have any broken or otherwise damaged glass, but the homeowner may have decided to get this feature enlarged. Another shelf could be added, for example. Now the doors must be resized and replaced. Commercial building owners may want new glass design for a display case. They may want to have the company logo added to glass in a frosted design, for example. Contact Bolingbrook Glass for more information on these types of options.

Commercial building owners may decide it’s time for an upgrade to a storefront or office building. Perhaps the old style looks dated, making replacement glass desirable for a top-notch new exterior. The Interior design also can include installation of new glass features and replacement of old ones. An executive office that previously was enclosed from the interior of the building except for a large window may have that window replaced with a glass wall. Today’s office designs encourage more transparency and engagement with other employees, and more glass accomplishes that. It still provides a certain level of privacy because it blocks most of the noise from outside the office, and people outside the office cannot hear private conversations taking place behind the glass.

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