Most medical facilities will be contacted at some point in time by a purchasing representative from a used medical equipment company. This can be a very good option to get rid of old, unused or extra medical equipment and use the funds to upgrade, replace or add new or used equipment that offers more functions, features or the latest in technology.

However, when someone approaches your medical facility to buy medical equipment, there are some very important factors to keep in mind. Not all of these representatives are working for reputable used equipment sellers and this can potentially leave you in a very risky transaction.

Full Cash Value

If there is an offer to buy medical equipment from your facility, make sure you understand the price they are offering and that they are willing to pay the full value offered immediately.

It is never a good idea to let the equipment leave your location based on a conditional inspection and with only a partial upfront payment. This can leave you with the need to pay the return shipping to get the equipment back if it doesn’t pass. It also leaves you to chase down disreputable companies that are counting on never paying the full amount offered.

Shipping Costs

A reputable company that is in the market to buy medical equipment fairly and create a customer base will not charge shipping. Instead, they will pay to have the equipment loaded and shipped to your location. They will also never send the equipment back so there is no concern about being stuck with a return shipping bill either.

Always take the time to read the contract. Make sure the purchase is final and not based on the equipment passing an inspection. Also, make sure the contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller to make it a binding agreement.